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Davy Jones Connection to the Kentucky Derby 2014 May 3, 2014

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Have a FABULOUS DAY … interesting tidbit from a friend Judith Hadlock; very kool indeed…

 “I just found out that a relative of one of the DJEMF herd (this is Davy’s horse rescue that his daughters keep running) members is in The Kentucky Derby, today, May 3, 2014!!! “Uncle Sigh’s” father is “Davy Jone’s” – Manchester Cowboy’s” paternal grandfather!!! Let’s all cheer on “Uncle Sigh” today in The Kentucky Derby!!! Thanks to Darlene Brushwood for this info!”

Davy’s passion; beautiful blast from the past
Jockey Jones Photo by a friend Pauline M
davy jones jockey

In Loving Memory of Davy Jones of the Monkees February 28, 2014

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Remembering a wonderful person who left us far too soon. David T. Jones was a wonderful artist, a beautiful human being.


But rather than focus on his death, let us celebrate his life, his family, and all of the magical memories he gave us.  If you feel you’d like to do something to honor Davy, please consider supporting his beautiful daughters and their project, The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Fund, which looks after Davy’s beloved horses. Thank you, Davy – we miss you, but your spirit continues to warm our hearts and bring us joy. (a note from Peter Tork)


In Loving Memory of Monkee Davy Jones February 28, 2013

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This is a sad week as we remember our beloved Davy Jones. It’s been a year since we lost our dear friend but in so many ways it feels like yesterday. He lives one in our hearts and though his music … RIP Davy ♥

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