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Organizational Change and Sustainability June 7, 2014

Meet and get to know my amazing daughter Shanah… and if you think you know all about this subject you will be surprised …


Top 5 to Watch in Hawaii











Needless to say, I am a mother bursting with pride …


My First Bodytalk Session October 5, 2013

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I had an amazing experience today with a “bodytalk” session; my back is feeling much better … my practitioner is awesome!  Click on the picture below to read more …

Healing – The body is designed to be self-healing.

Coordination – If all parts are in communication, we can grow and heal.

Communication Breakdowns – The body adapts, but is less efficient and forgets to work as a team.

Symptoms – Last stage of communication failure. The body is calling out for help; it needs to be heard



Swiss Ball Exercise Workshop! September 5, 2013

If you’re in the Tampa area you won’t want to miss my daughter Raina’s workshop this month! Thanks for spreading the word …




The Robins Have Flown the Nest June 2, 2013

This morning I watched Mom & Dad Robin feeding the brood; today turned out to be flight day for the little ones.

When I came out there was a huge black crow sitting on the lower level railing and I panicked;  I’ve only been able to find two of the babies hopping around but I’m hoping that I scared the crow away in time.  Apparently the parents will find their babies and continue to feed them for a number of days —  

What a beautiful sight to see; one of the babies hopping around … Mom is close by with worms so one baby has been found.

One of the baby robins visited my neighbor on her patio … ahhh so cute but he looks so lonely … I know I shouldn’t attach emotion to a bird; he did hop back out to the bushes next to her place where I saw them last night; mom & dad are still looking over them.

see him standing to the right of the pot

see him standing to the right of the pot

ahh he looks so lonely

ahh he looks so lonely


Robin Leaves the Nest June 1, 2013

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It’s an exciting day; one of the babies is sitting on a branch outside the nest … I hope I get to witness flight of at least one of the little ones; maybe this is why Mom & Dad have been so protective today…I thought it was because of a rain storm. Of all days we have people moving in the condo downstairs — I hope the commotion doesn’t interrupt nature.

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The Robins Now Have Their Feathers May 31, 2013

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IMG_20130531_093822_556The babies are filling the nest and it won’t be long before they are flying.  You can see they now have their feathers and I have seen little red breasts when they stand up but I couldn’t get a good picture today.   Mom Robin stayed with the babies last night; she slept sitting on the edge of the nest.  There are storms brewing but the nest is tucked in such a place that the rain doesn’t get at them and I have the tree tied to the iron railing of the porch so they should be okay even if it storms badly.

scroll down to see three more posts 
of the Robin family's growth

Baby Robins Opened Their Eyes Today May 29, 2013

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IMG_20130529_125717_618The babies opened their eyes today; I can’t wait until they reach the next stage … learning more … Leave fledgling robins alone. Fledglings are forced to leave the nest when there is no more room to grow. It is typical for them to hop around for five to seven days before they can fly. It may be stressful to watch, but resist the urge to pick them up. Do not stay near a baby bird that is learning to fly, the parents need free access to the fledgling and will feel threatened if you are nearby…I’ll try to get a video

I started to get worried last night as the babies where left in the nest by themselves; no mom or dad anywhere to be seen.  Then I found this info — By the time the babies are about a week old, the nest is getting crowded, and the babies are capable of keeping themselves warm, all snuggled together. At this point the mother robin starts sleeping on a tree branch again. I’m going to more cautious by not sitting outside too much as they’re getting older.  Yeah … Mom & Dad were back this morning feeding the young ones.


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