What's On My Mind / Boyce & Hart, Monkees and More

Caroline Boyce

About March 5, 2012

ABOUT CAROLINE BOYCE:    I’m currently living in Nashville,TN. My greatest joy in life is  having the most amazing family who taught me the meaning of unconditional love and acceptance and the blessing of my four children (3 daughters and 1 son) who have been my greatest life teachers.  Sadly my son was tragically taken in a motor cycle accident 2014; there is a hole left in our hearts and lives;  we love and miss him dearly. My girls are my best friends and I’m so proud of them; each are successful in their own right and I admire them as people; they never cease to amaze me.  My life has been further blessed croppy
with the addition of two incredible and amazing young men that I am honored to have as son-croppy 2 in-laws. I’m originally from Canada where I owned/operated a Montessori School for 13 years and was the Canadian Director of Newborough Montessori Teaching College, UK until I moved to Nashville TN to marry Tommy Boyce. I’m an independent music publisher and widow of singer/songwriter Tommy Boyce. Sadly Tommy passed away in 1994 and I found myself thrown into the music business. Tommy and his music partner Bobby Hart are best known for creating the sound of the Monkees, however their success extended beyond the Monkees as both writers and as recording artists “Boyce & Hart”.

ABOUT BOYCE & HART:  Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart’s songs have sold over 85 million records and have been covered by hundreds of artists around the world, used in numerous movies, television shows, and in various TV and radio advertisements. Acclaimed songwriting duo, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart are one of the most influential teams of popular music in the 60s and 70s, they also created an impressive body of motion picture and television music. The Monkees were considered a revolutionary trend for television and Boyce & Hart played a pivotal role in creating the Monkee sound as composers and producers of their most recognizable hits. Boyce & Hart went on to enjoy a successful career as a performing duo, writing several more Top 10 hits. Together they were featured guests on the 60s TV Talk Shows and were featured in the top Teen Magazines. Additionally, whether as a writing duo or as co-writers with others they have penned some of our favorite classic hits performed by some of our favorite artists and the theme to the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives”. They campaigned to support Robert Kennedy in his 1968 run for Presidency and spearheaded the campaign which culminated in lowering the voting age to 18 years. Tommy & Bobby remained the best of friends until Tommy’s untimely death Nov. 23, 1994. Bobby currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife MaryAnne and Tommy’s widow Caroline resides in Nashville….http://youtu.be/csLA9jy91x0

Boyce & Hart – I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight


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