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Happy Birthday Boyce and Hart Picture Creations November 15, 2013

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Site B-Day Card 2 year


Today, November 15th, 2013, marks Boyce and Hart Picture Creations 2-year Birthday on FaceBook!

from bobby 500 caroline card
In my wildest dreams, I never thought this page would achieve the popularity it has over the past 24 months. We recently celebrated the astounding feat of acquiring 1000 Likes! Thanks to all of you Tommy and Bobby fans out there, we can truly proclaim this page to be a solid success. Caroline and I love you all and promise to keep this page going for as long as you are interested in following it. The Boyce and Hart legacy will live on in all of us. Happy Birthday BHPC! Love Noranne

Over the next three days, as a special celebration gift, we will post a celebration Montage of Creations! Check back Saturday and Sunday for Caroline’s and Noranne’s fave photo Montages and on Monday, you will see the Montage of photos you the fans chose as your favorites. So be sure to visit us for the next several days as we celebrate 4 days of Birthday fun here at Boyce and Hart Picture Creations!


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