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My First Bodytalk Session October 5, 2013

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I had an amazing experience today with a “bodytalk” session; my back is feeling much better … my practitioner is awesome!  Click on the picture below to read more …

Healing – The body is designed to be self-healing.

Coordination – If all parts are in communication, we can grow and heal.

Communication Breakdowns – The body adapts, but is less efficient and forgets to work as a team.

Symptoms – Last stage of communication failure. The body is calling out for help; it needs to be heard



2 Responses to “My First Bodytalk Session”

  1. Reblogged this on learntounwind and commented:
    awesome ! love to hear this!

  2. Caroline – thank you so much for your feedback here on the BodyTalk session you experienced with me earlier today. I always feel so confirmed about this method of healing, by feedback from my clients. Also, really appreciate your sharing your experience on social media.

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