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Baby Robins Opened Their Eyes Today May 29, 2013

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IMG_20130529_125717_618The babies opened their eyes today; I can’t wait until they reach the next stage … learning more … Leave fledgling robins alone. Fledglings are forced to leave the nest when there is no more room to grow. It is typical for them to hop around for five to seven days before they can fly. It may be stressful to watch, but resist the urge to pick them up. Do not stay near a baby bird that is learning to fly, the parents need free access to the fledgling and will feel threatened if you are nearby…I’ll try to get a video

I started to get worried last night as the babies where left in the nest by themselves; no mom or dad anywhere to be seen.  Then I found this info — By the time the babies are about a week old, the nest is getting crowded, and the babies are capable of keeping themselves warm, all snuggled together. At this point the mother robin starts sleeping on a tree branch again. I’m going to more cautious by not sitting outside too much as they’re getting older.  Yeah … Mom & Dad were back this morning feeding the young ones.


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