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Caroline Boyce

April 3, 2013

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this will work on my front landing; time to start planning

Marilyn Wilson Realtor

87615739_XSIf you are selling your house, your real estate agent will probably suggest that you put together a few flower boxes to help dress up the front of your house. Most flower boxes are a mixture of tall and short perennials and annuals. Flower boxes are a terrific way to add a beautiful visual impact to any yard or porch. You can use them to line stairs; as a border on a concrete patio; or below a window.

The degree of sun exposure required by the plants is the main determining factor when deciding which plants are the best choices. There are flowering and foliage plants for every exposure, even the hot, harsh sunlight on the south side of a building. Selecting blooming plants and plants with colorful foliage that have similar growing requirements can provide color and texture all summer long.

Planting a Window Box Container Garden:

1. Decide on a…

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