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Caroline Boyce

Boyce and Hart’s Passion for Change Made a Difference February 16, 2013

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Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart are best known for creating the sound of the Monkees.   Did you know in 1968 the duo campaigned to support Robert F. Kennedy in his run for the Presidency, and they spearheaded the “Let Us Vote”, or “L.U.V.” campaign, which ultimately helped to lower the voting age to 18 in the US (it had been 21).

Noranne, the administrator of  our facebook page Boyce & Hart Picture Creations created this cool tribute to L.U.V.  Click the link to check out more fun picture creations; if you’re on facebook please consider a ‘Like’ for our page … Thanks in advance! http://www.facebook.com/boyceandhartpicturecreations





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