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Tips for Throwing a Safe & Fun Football Party January 10, 2013

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My State Farm Insurance Agent sent this to me today; some great ideas here …

football-party-invitationsEveryone loves a party with friends to watch the big game—but some take the partying too far. Forty percent of the vehicle-related deaths that occurred after the big game in 2010 were due to drunk driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

These suggestions can help hosts and their guests keep the party—and the ride home—safer when the big game takes place this February.


Tips for the Home Team

  • Serve plenty of food to help offset the effects of alcohol. Salty snacks can make people feel thirsty, so set a pitcher of water on the table as well.
  • Stock coolers with non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers and other guests who aren’t drinking.
  • Stop serving alcoholic beverages when the fourth quarter begins.
  • Avoid offering mixed beverages. Some mixers cause the body to absorb alcohol faster, and most make alcohol easier to drink.
  • Reward designated drivers with perks like the prime parking spot or first dibs on seating near the big screen.
  • Limit the number of drinks you yourself enjoy.
  • Help your guests make travel arrangements with a designated driver or taxi. Make sure guests feel comfortable spending the night, if necessary.

Tips for the Visiting Team

  • Leave your keys at home if you plan to drink. Arrange to have a designated driver pick you up and take you home, make plans to stay overnight or plan ahead and input a cab company’s number on your phone.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach.
  • Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • If you’re sober, keep an eye on friends who are drinking. Don’t be afraid to take away their keys.
  • Extend a kind gesture to your designated driver, such as offering to pay for gas.
  • Watch for drunk drivers during your ride home, and report suspects to the police.
  • Always wear your seat belt.

And from the September 2, 2011 from the blog @  http://handymanconnect.wordpress.com/tag/football-party/                                     

Planning the Perfect Football Party

It’s that time of year when the nights are getting cooler, the days are growing shorter, kids are back in school and FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE! With football games come football parties and we’re going to help you host the perfect shin-dig this fall.

Alright, let’s assume your party is going to be all planned out ahead of time, not just a spontaneous gathering. Main considerations to take into account when hosting a football party are; invitations, food, TV’s, seating, decorations and beverages.


Since football parties are rather informal affairs, the best invitation options are to create and send a private Facebook event request or to use email invitations using free invites options such as www.evite.com.


When you think of football, the second thing that comes to mind is food. You cannot even consider hosting a football party without the proper sustenance for  guests. The best foods for football parties are snacky finger-foods like; wings, pizza, snack mix, nuts, veggie trays, fruit trays and chips and salsa.  One of my favorites from a football party last year was cheese fondue with cut up bread to dip in it. Surprising and delicious. Brownies, cookies, ice cream and chocolate are excellent dessert choices. No one wants to barbecue, because unless there is a TV outside, they’re gonna miss the game. That brings us to the next topic. Watching the game.



 There needs to be enough TV’s so with each room you walk in, you can see the game. Advice from an avid football watcher was that for a good football party, there needs to be a TV in the living room, the kitchen and if there’s one outside, that is cool too.  Most families don’t have this many portable big-screen TV’s so you can always rent one if necessary. It goes without saying, but the bigger the screen, the better.




Be sure there is ample seating in the main viewing room so all your guests are comfortable. If there isn’t ample seating, consider folded chairs— or create a second viewing area in another room or outside.


Decorations aren’t necessary but they do add an element of fun and excitement to your party. Consider colored chips (in your favorite team colors of course), streamers, balloons and team branded hats or beads. Visit your local sports store for additional ideas.




Last but not least, remember your guests will be thirsty. This may be the only time they cut loose all week. Be sure to have beverage options for various drinking preferences; beer, wine, water and soda. Don’t forget the ice. If you serve alcohol beverages, advocate that each guest has a designated driver to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Cheers to you for throwing a successful party— and hopefully, your team will win


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  1. Casie Says:

    Great tips! 🙂

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