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New Book Release ‘The Geomancer’s Compass’ Just In Time For Christmas! November 12, 2012

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My kids other Mom, Melissa Hardy-Trevenna launches her new book The Geomancer’s Compass for ages 12+; I can’t wait to get my copy! A great Christmas present for the young adult in your life?  Click the pic to Buy!

This futuristic novel has all the elements a Young Adult  fiction needs to draw critical attention from reviewers, and to elicit award-nominations. It is thematically interesting, culturally diverse, well-written, futuristic, and very funny.

“The year is 2021 and sixteen-year-old computer whiz Miranda Liu’s world has turned upside down. Summoned to her grandmother’s deathbed, Miranda finds herself entrusted with a family heirloom – a seventeenth century geomancer’s compass – as well as a sacred mission to honor ancient Chinese magic. With humor, intelligence and suspense, The Geomancer’s Compass imagines a world in the near future while exploring the Chinese immigrant experience and the expanding, elastic and shifting nature of reality.”


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