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Boyce and Hart Picture Creations Contest November 7, 2012

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Now that voting day is over, it’s time to start celebrating Boyce and Hart Picture Creations one-year anniversary on FaceBook! We are starting off with an all-new contest!

Make Your Own Creation Contest! Try your luck at making a Boyce and Hart Creation and win a great prize!

As fans of this page, you know that it is all about the creations. Have you ever considered trying your hand at making one of your own? This month’s contest focuses on your creativity.

Your entry can be a drawing, a sketch, a painting, a cut and paste, a cartoon strip or something you put together with the help of PhotoShop or other software or websites. It can be anything you like as long as it includes Tommy and Bobby as part of it.

Attach and send your designs to us via the “Messages” link through November 30th.
We will announce the winners the first week of December.
Bobby Hart will personally autograph a photo for each of the contest winners!
Winners will also receive a bonus Boyce and Hart logo flashlight keychain!!
In addition, the winning creation will be used as a profile picture for the BHPC page in 2013. And if we get enough responses, we will make an album just for the creations our fans submit. It will become a permanent folder to showcase the talent of any fans who would like to donate their B&H creations for all to see!

Go to our facebook page … http://www.facebook.com/boyceandhartpicturecreations
1. You have to be a fan of this page to play, so be sure you have “Liked” us before submitting your artwork!
2. Submissions must be in JPEG form with dimensions no larger than 800×600.
3. Attach your creations to the “Message” link above. (If you cannot attach it there, you can send it to bhpixc@gmail.com, which is an email address set up for this page. (You can also send questions, comments or suggestions to me there.)

So, pull out those pencils, markers, paintbrushes and crayons or fire up your photo software and get those creative juices flowing!! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


One Response to “Boyce and Hart Picture Creations Contest”

  1. Casie Says:

    This sounds interesting…it can be about anything???

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