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Vote! Boyce & Hart L.U.V. October 26, 2012

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Tommy and Bobby got involved in a political campaign to elect Robert F. Kennedy and then, following his demise, they took on the role of leaders in a movement to lower the national voting age to 18 and won; kids were fighting in the war and couldn’t even vote.  Don’t take your freedom to vote for granted … let your voice be heard and VOTE !

L.U.V.  Let Us Vote by Boyce & Hart  http://youtu.be/YnUOwATOs4g


2 Responses to “Vote! Boyce & Hart L.U.V.”

  1. Barbara Lee Says:

    It was ridiculous that if you were between 18 and 21 you could go to war and yet not be allowed to vote. So neat Boyce & Hart had a hand in lowering the voting age to 18 Such a sweet song. Thank you for sharing it.

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