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Reminder – Fall Time Change October 31, 2012

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Come to Our Internet Halloween Party October 30, 2012

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It’s a party! Drop by and check out the Boyce & Hart Halloween photo creations and be ready to get spooked and laugh a lot.  Click this link and explore all the fun pics http://www.facebook.com/boyceandhartpicturecreations



Olive Oil vs. Coconut Oil

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I didn’t know this…

Every one knows that olive oil is good for you. It has been ingrained in our brains. Extra virgin olive oil is the best. But did you know that once heated it loses many of it’s benefits? This is where coconut oil comes in. Extra virgin coconut oil (vco), is the only healthy oil that retains it’s nutritional qualities and benefits at very high temperatures making it the best oil to cook with.

Extra Virgin coconut oil is good for the heart, promotes weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and helping with the proper function of the thyroid gland, keeps your breath fresh, makes a wonderful skin moisturizer and softener, also works well as a sunscreen and does not wash off as easily as sunscreen lotions, works as an underarm and foot deodorant and as an antiperspirant. The benefits of coconut oil are countless!

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Add Festive Flare to Your Dinner Table

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Some easily created table decorations to add a festive flare


Vote! Boyce & Hart L.U.V. October 26, 2012

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Tommy and Bobby got involved in a political campaign to elect Robert F. Kennedy and then, following his demise, they took on the role of leaders in a movement to lower the national voting age to 18 and won; kids were fighting in the war and couldn’t even vote.  Don’t take your freedom to vote for granted … let your voice be heard and VOTE !

L.U.V.  Let Us Vote by Boyce & Hart  http://youtu.be/YnUOwATOs4g


New Film About Boyce & Hart October 9, 2012

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‘Candy Store Prophets’ is a film about Boyce & Hart.

Bobby Hart narrates their story through extensive unseen archives,rare photographs and personal remembrances.

View the trailer at http://vimeo.com/50505979

The acclaimed songwriting duo, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart are considered to be one of the most influential teams of popular music in the 60s and 70s. Boyce and Hart played a pivotal role in creating the Monkee sound as  composers and producers of their most recognizable hits  including the Monkees Theme, Last Train to Clarksville, I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone, Valleri, I Wanna Be Free and Words .

Boyce & Hart went on to enjoy a successful career as a performing duo penning several more Top 10 Hits includingI Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight,Out & About and Alice Long(You’re Still My Favorite Girlfriend).

Together they were featured guests on the 60s TV talk shows, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Flying Nun, and were featured in the top Teen Magazines.  Additionally, whether as a writing duo or as co-writers with others, they have penned some of our favorite classic hits, such as, Come A Little Bit Closer, Hurts So Bad, Pretty Little Angel Eyes, Keep On Singing, Under The Moon of Love, and the theme to the s soap opera Days of Our Lives. Their songs have been covered by hundreds of artists around the world, used in numerous movies and television shows,  and in commercials. Tommy and Bobby remained the best of friends until Tommy’s untimely death Nov. 23, 1994.  www.officialboyceandhart.com


Contest Winners!!! October 3, 2012

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Congratulations to the winners!!!!

Bobby,  Noranne and I want to thank everyone who participated

and/or supported our picture creation page.



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