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Caroline Boyce

Fan Review of Monkee Business the Musical April 16, 2012

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Paul Berman posted to Caroline Boyce … Saturday
Manchester UK. I’ve just seen ‘Monkee Business – the Musical’ which opened in Manchester before going on tour. The Manchester run of the show was dedicated to Davy. It’s about a group of fake ‘Monkees’ put together by a shady promoter to go on tour while the real Monkees are busy filming, and the promoter tries to make off with the money. Then the Russian secret agent turns out to be Irish, and there’s a singing nun on the train. Er … hang on … I seem to have lost myself here – should’ve taken notes. Anyway, it was great fun – mainly music and a good sprinkling of in-jokes. The four ‘Monkees’ were excellent, singing really well solo and in harmony. Recommended

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