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Caroline Boyce

Tears for Trees March 5, 2012

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I’m feeling sad and disappointed over the location of tree plantings throughout my condo complex.  In order to meet Metro Forestry’s canopy requirement 27 – 2 inch caliper trees are being planted throughout our property to replace the removed trees that were necessary to complete the drainage projects in 2 areas. It breaks my heart that 5 trees were removed with only 2 trees to be planted in the courtyard in front of Units 68-77; an area that happens to be the longest courtyard in the Versailles Townhomes; yet two trees are replacing 1 tree removed tree behind Unit 54 courtyard area giving this small courtyard 3 trees and then to see a tree accidentally removed between the driveway and I440 being replaced., well I am just heartsick.

Below: these are just 2 of the trees removed in front of Units 68-77 … and yes I am directly affected with the beautiful blooming tree removed was the view out my living room window



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